Down Grange vs ATYFC Blue Quarter Final Cup Match

The Blues travelled to the scene of final game of last season, just as then, a lot rested on the game. Last time out the boys clinched the title. This occasion they were looking too progress into the Semi finals, having already achieved more than any previous season.

Having an almost full squad to pick from, the coaches went for a three, three, two formation. Having served so well this season. Town started slow and were possibly playing the reparation of the Premier league side, not the team itself.

As things progressed Down Grange pushed the Blues deeper into our own half. Within twenty minutes, we found ourselves three nil down. The home team punishing the Blues for some indecision and displayed the ruthlessness required to ply your trade in the highest league. Town grabbed a goal back with Josh Williams clinical header, just before the break, Town held on till half time.

The break was used too remind the boys that we have been here before and have came out on top. Changes were made to personnel and formation, moving to a two, four, two setup. Straight away the boys responded and started to apply the pressure. Down Grange were pushed onto the back foot, Town were playing some great football. As we pushed forward looking to close the gap, Down Grange hit us on the break and scored their forth.

This would to most be a hammer blow and signal a complete collapse. But as we all know, this team doesn’t do giving up! The battle began and The boys went toe to toe with their opponents, matching them in every area. With twelve minutes to go Town struck again, after constant pressure and a fumble from the keeper, Callum Woods was on hand to stab the ball home. Like any good striker, he anticipated it and got his rewards.

The Blues were now on full attack, giving it all they had, they fashioned three good chances that on another day may have went differently. With the boys at full thottle and committing to all out attack, Down Grange stole the ball and converted the opportunity. The boys heads didn’t drop and continued to fight till the end.

Today, we learnt that we can mix it with the elite and we have the team spirit to achieve our aim of back to back promotions. The boys were told after to be unhappy about the result, but not the performance. The ATYFC ethos is too improve and learn from every game, we will never stifle creative play and will always encourage commitment and skill equally.

Everyone should be rightly proud of their performance today and through the season. This whole squad has helped to where we find ourselves, it’s now time to focus on the league. Third with two games in hand, anything is possible, with these guys!

Sportsman went to Leonardo Ferro, another good all action performance and is adapting to the British weather well. The Man of the match went to Daniel Butt, he made save after save today, due to his high standards, sometimes his efforts are not fully mentioned. That’s why we call him Daniel Neuer! JP

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