ATYFC White vs Sherborne St John

Andover Town Youth FC White played hosts to Sherborne St John in the league. Andover started the game with pace and determination to get their first win since February.

Andover started the game with a hunger to win the ball high up the pitch and no one demonstrated this more than Joe Burnip. Joe closed down every defender, chased every through ball and produced some of the best goals of the season so far, scoring from tight angles, finding the gap in a congested area to hit the back of the net and one audaciously chipping the keeper after receiving a ball over the top of the Sherborne defence, a goal straight of the training pitch!? ;-). Joe’s performance really showed just how much he has grown as a sticker and his clinical finishing ensured he chalked up 7 (yes SEVEN!) goals, outstanding! Charlie Holloway produced another excellent display of pace, strength and skill down the right, supporting Jonty Sinclair in defence and getting forward to score a great goal from a tight angle on the right. Harry Lunn never fails to entertain and dazzle the opposition with his skill and quick fit, which was all too much for the Sherborne defence and as Harry has done so often this season got on the score with brilliant hat-trick, beating the keeper each time on the near post. Jack Sharpe had a great game on the left and in defence, confidently and skilful skipping past defenders and almost add to his season’s goal tally hitting the post with a good strike and that bounced back hit the defender and went in for an o.g. George Barkley showed once again that he really has grown as a player and is now delivering an end product in the form of a pass or shot with every run, tackle or interception he makes, which is making George B and key player in this Andover team. Salem Barahmeh started the game really well showing strength, pace and skill to get past defenders and when players surrounded Salem he had the composure to hold the ball and drive through the players and produce a great pass or shot on goal. This level of play earned Salem his goal, which he won from a corner swung in by Charlie. George Lewin showed just how important he is to the team communicating with his team, controlling the midfield with excellent passing and although George had his chances in front of goal he showed desire to continue to get into the right positions and not get frustrated, despite giving himself a bloody nose! :-). The back 3 worked extremely well together, which consisted of Jonty Sinclair, Owen Potter and Finlay Robinson. Owen was the leader and really found his voice commanding his line and showing maturity to cover Jonty or Finaly when they needed him to. But Owen also showed that he had the confidence to win the ball and deliver balls into Joe setting him up 3 times. Finlay produced another solid performance, winning tackle after tackle and turning defence into attack with great balls into Harry down the left or long for Joe to run onto. Jonty although out of position played superbly well at right-back strong in every tackle and delivered brilliant long balls for runners to latch onto. When Jonty got the opportunity to play in midfield he produced a superb strike which left the keeper rooted to the spot. Although James didn’t have a huge amount when he was called upon he showed composure, safe hands and good ball control receiving passes from his defenders under pressure. James’ cool composure was so good he even had the confidence to volley the ball over his own goal from 20 yards! 🙂

Final score 14-0 to Andover and every goal was well taken and well deserved. An excellent team performance!

MOTM: Owen Potter, who showed maturity, skill and us a glimmer of the outstanding defender he is growing into.

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