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Dear all,

Here is the latest Andover Town Youth FC social update email following our Committee meeting, which took place last Monday evening.Christmas Function:  Saturday 29th November 2014

We are pretty much ready to go with the Christmas Function, which will take place at Picket Piece Village Hall on Saturday 29th November.  What we now need to do is find out how many people will be attending the afternoon session and how many will be attending the evening session.  We will not be issuing tickets for the function so, for those of you who wish to attend, we need you to let your respective coaches know how many people from your family will be coming.  The coaches will then forward your details to me and I will put together a list of attendees, which will be checked off on the day.  If you wish to attend, you need to let the coaches know by 22nd November at the latest.  Anybody who lets us know that they would like to attend the function after this date may be prevented from doing so.  Due to fire regulations, there is a limit to the number of people that can be in Picket Piece Village Hall at the same time (approximately 90).  Therefore, attendance to the Christmas Function, both the afternoon and evening sessions, will be on a first come, first served basis.   We would also like to receive payment by 22nd November.  By doing this, you will effectively be confirming your attendance, whilst at the same time reserving your place at the function.  On the subject of payments, I need to give you all an additional piece of information on top of what I told you last month.  I mentioned last month that the cost of entry into the afternoon session (which is only available to players/families in the Under 6 to Under 9 age bracket) is £5 per player, which includes a Christmas gift.  The additional piece of information is that the maximum amount that any family will need to pay to attend the afternoon session is £10.  So, if Mum, Dad and their three kids wish to attend, they will only need to pay £10.  The same rule will also apply to the evening function.  It is still £2.50 per person to attend, but a family of five or more could attend and would only have to pay £10 in total.

So, to recap – if any of your family wish to attend the Christmas Function afternoon session, evening session or both, please let your respective coaches know and pay them the applicable entry fee by 22nd November at the latest.

It would also be good if people could start handing in raffle prizes to their coaches, so that we can make sure we have a really good raffle on the night.  All prizes will be gratefully received!

Here is a reminder of the timings for the Christmas Function:

Afternoon session:

2:30pm:  Doors open
3:00pm:  Professor Potty
3:45pm:  Games
4:30pm:  Food

Evening session:

6:00pm:  Doors open
7:00pm:  DJ set begins – disco ’til dawn!

Just as a reminder, there will be no food served at the evening session, so please bring along a plate of party food.

WARNING!!  At the insistence of our Chairman, Simon Timms, the evening session may include karaoke…

Club Mascot Competiton

We had some fantastic entries into our Club Mascot Competition, all of which will be uploaded to our website in the next few days.  I’ll send you all a link to the relevant web page once I’ve uploaded the pictures.  A big ‘thank you’ goes out  to all of you who sent in entries.

We had a couple of sets of entries which were quite similar in nature, so we grouped them together.  As a result of this, we ended up with two winners and two runners-up (see attached pictures).  The runners-up were ‘Sparkz’ by Erin and Joe Burnip and ‘Toby the Torch’ by… we don’t know who because there was no name on the picture!  The winning entries were ‘Andy Towny’ by Brandyn Reeves and ‘Fred the Football’ by Max Bissett, both of whom play in our Under 11s Blue team.  Well done, guys!  We will now get in contact with a company that can help us turn these ideas into a reality.  Our intention is to include Brandyn and Max in the design process as much as possible.  We look forward to unveiling our new Club mascot to you all in due course.  Watch this space…

That’s all I’ve got for you this month.  If anybody has any questions or queries regarding the above, please drop me a line.  I look forward to seeing some of you at the Christmas Function.

Many regards


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