Social update – February 2015

Dear all,

Here is the Andover Town Youth FC monthly social update for February 2015.

Saturday 28th March – Duck Race Event

The Duck Race event will be our first social activity of the year and if it’s anything like last year’s event, it’s going to be a cracker. For those of you who aren’t aware how the event runs, here’s a brief outline:

There are up to 25 ducks in each race. The first race will have plastic ducks numbered 1 to 25, the second race will have plastic ducks numbered 26 to 50, and they’ll continue to alternate like this until all the races are completed. As one race ends, the next one begins. The ducks will race along a short course in the area of the river that runs alongside Wilkinson’s. Each duck can be sponsored for £1 and the sponsors of the ducks that win each race will win £5. The remaining £20 goes to the Club. It’s as simple as that. Last year we had quite a big crowd of players and parents who came along to support the event on the day, which was really nice to see. I’d like to think we’ll get the same this year. The event also attracts a lot of attention from passers-by, which is great for the profile of the Club within Andover.

I’ve attached the sponsorship form to this email, so if you’re really keen you can start getting sponsors straight away from friends and family, work colleagues, etc. I’ve also emailed these forms to all our coaches, so they should be able to hand out some printed copies, if required. What you must do once you get your form is enter your name (or preferably the name of your child who plays for the Club), age group and telephone number in the top left hand corner, so that we have a contact for each race. This ensures that we can contact all the race winners and make sure they get their winnings. As I’ve said in previous years, the success of this event is very much dependant on how sponsors we can get and how many races we can run. The more, the better! To that end, it really would be appreciated if you could try to get as many sponsors as possible. If everyone could return a fully completed form (50 sponsors), that would be amazing. However, I appreciate that this may not be possible for some of you. Ideally, we would like all the forms, along with the sponsorship money, to be handed into your respective coaches by Saturday 14th March. Please aim to do this, even if you have not been able to fully complete your form. Please also be aware that any partially completed forms that we receive may be combined so that each every race has as near to 25 ducks in it as possible. If you feel that you need a few extra days to get some additional sponsors, that’s fine. Please just let your coach know what’s happening. This helps to give us an idea of how many races we will be able to run on the day. I’ll confirm the exact time that we’re looking to begin the first race in due course.

I’ll confirm the exact time that we’re looking to begin the first race in due course. It’s likely to be around 12:30pm – 1:00pm. It’s likely to be around 12:30pm.

Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th May – End of Season Presentation Nights

Okay, so let’s begin with an apology. In last month’s email I told you all that our Presentation Nights were taking place at Andover Leisure Centre. As I’m sure you’re all now aware, that is not correct. They are in fact taking place at The Lights. Tickets for the event are now available for purchase directly from The Lights. Here is the link to the web page which gives information on how to purchase tickets:

From what I can see, the Presentation Nights are not yet listed on The Lights’ website, so your best bet would be to book your tickets over the phone or in person at their Box Office.

Here are some important points to note regarding the Presentation Nights:

•       Tuesday 26th May will be the Presentation Night for the Under 6 to
Under 9 age groups. As far as I am aware, there are no presentations for the Under 6s but they are welcome to attend anyway in order to see what they have to look forward to next season.
•       Wednesday 27th May will be the Presentation Night for the Under 10
to Under 12 age groups.
•       Both evenings will begin at 7pm and end at around 10pm.
•       Initially, the number of tickets that can be purchased is limited to two per player. Further down the line, any remaining tickets will be
put on general sale. We’ll let you know once this happens.
•       We have a limited number of tickets available for both evenings, so
please book early in order to avoid any possible disappointment.

I’ve just realised that I haven’t made a note down the cost of the tickets. If memory serves, they are £5 each. (Perhaps one of my colleagues could correct me if this is wrong.) One final point to make regarding the Presentation Nights is that we are intending to do some filming at the events for use on our website and other promotional purposes. If this is an issue for anybody, please let me or you respective coaches know.

That’s pretty much everything I’ve got for you this month. If anybody has any questions or queries regarding any of the above, please drop me a line.

Many regards

Andover Town Youth FC Social Committee


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