ATYFC 14s Red vs Woolton Hill

After a long wait, the new boys of the league were finally in action.  The team were hyper by the time kick off arrived, I have to admit to being the same.  After starting in May with 9 players and one with a broken leg, we have come a long way in a very short time.

This team has been assembled with a varied player back ground, a lot of different journeys to arrive at the Reds.  Within a week or so, they were friends already, with all the banter expected within a team!

After me throwing them straight into an international tournament and 5 games in 6 days, they had some time together. The preseason concluded with 3 friendlies and plenty of training sessions, the season arrived.

For the players who haven’t played competitively before, it must have been exciting times.  It’s always difficult to choose a starting line up, especially with a full team.

Town created plenty of chances throughout the match, but it wasn’t our day in front of goal. Dylan Cole scored the Reds first ever goal, a great strike and the team celebrated together!

There were a lot of positives to take out of the display, but we were not at it in certain departments, our passing was not up to our standard and we tried to force the play individually at times.

We have discussed the display and we understand where we can improve, that’s the essence of how we will grow as a team!  It was so pleasing to see every player getting involved with the play.

Although we got beaten on the day, we have all learnt some new lessons and have a better understanding of what it takes in this league. I’m hoping for a positive response, if training is anything to go by, we will improve in the next match.

Parents player went to Eadie Shum and managers player to TJ, both showed new and existing skill on a difficult day.

We have a huge untapped talent pool within this team, we are at the very start of our footballing journey. I believe in this team so strongly, I can honestly say it’s a pleasure to work with this group! Thank you all

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  • David Cole

    Well said
    This team has showed some real talent in such a short space of time
    which they are only going to get stronger
    As the goes on

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