Drop Off and Collection Policy

Andover Town Youth Football Club (The Club) is committed to providing a safe environment for its youth players, part of this is ensuring that your child is not left alone before or after practices or games.


What we will do:

  1. Make sure parents/carers and children know the times and locations of practices and games and when they can expect to collect their children.
  2. Request coaches arrive before the scheduled practice or game time.
  3. Coaches will operate a strict “booking in & booking out” procedure.
  4. Instruct coaches to wait until the last child is collected before leaving training. If the coach is under the age of 18, another coach or parent should wait with him/her.
  5. Coaches should attempt to contact the parents/carers when the parent/carer are late. If the usual pitch is being closed, coaches shall wait in a lit area adjacent to the training or playing facility.
  6. The coach should NOT transport children to their or the child’s homes without the permission of the parent or carer.

What we require Parents/Carers to do:

  1. Parents/carers dropping off children who are 12 years or under will be required to leave an emergency contact number if they do not intend to stay at the training.
  2. Parents/carers MUST NOT leave their children at a training venue prior to the arrival of one of the coaches responsible for that team. It is safer to make sure the coach is present than to assume they will be arriving.
  3. Another parent is not the coach – if you must leave do not assume they will be responsible for your child without checking with them first.
  4. Inform the coach of any changes in arrangements for the collection of your child.


Parents/carers who repeatedly leave children at training or games where the coach has to wait for them, will be reported to the Committee for action. The Club requires the cooperation of parents and carers to provide a safe environment for children to play football.