Some succeed because they are destined to,
but most succeed because they are determined to.

Welcome to Andover Town Youth Football Club

At Andover Town Youth FC our main focus is on the fun and enjoyment a child can get from football. We aim to develop their skills and technique by challenging their mental and physical abilities through various training sessions. Our experienced coaching staff are all well trained to set out challenging and enjoyable games that really focus on core football skills and techniques from simple ball control, dribbling and short range passing all the way to counter-attacking, defensive formations, positional awareness and set-piece play. We achieve this by offering training on grass and astro-turf at Charlton on Saturdays and Thursday evenings. Our Club also offers futsal training which is primarily focused towards an individual player’s development and is a way for them to express themselves in a game by trying out skills they are less comfortable with to help them become a complete footballer.

As the modern game moves forward in the world of professional football so it does for youth football and Andover Town Youth is no exception. During this summer our Club went through the transition from Andover Youth FC to Andover Town Youth FC, because our Club has the great honour of being officially linked with Andover Town FC. With Andover Town FC our Club truly gives Andover’s grassroots football a clear direction from youth football through to senior football, where a direct line into the Premier League can be drawn with from Andover Town FC’s link with Southampton FC.

Andover Town Youth is growing stronger each year by working closely with a number of other football development establishments like Lions in the Community, Reading FC and their youth elite team, Chelsea FC and the Hampshire FA. These connections allow Andover Town Youth to offer support and encouragement to every boy and girl as they try to reach their maximum footballing potential.

We are a family-orientated Club and always welcome people who wish to join us, from players to coaches or people wanting to help raise funds for the Club, all are welcome!

Andover Town Youth FC has a bright future thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of our Social Committee, Coaches, Managers as well as the fantastic support we receive from our players' parents. Our plan was to give football back to Andover and we believe that our link with Andover Town FC has achieved this. This combined with our focus on having a team in every age group from Under 7s to Under 16s within the next 4 years shows Andover Town Youth FC are on the road to a truly bright and exciting future.

If you have what it takes to coach, manage, fundraise or have a child that loves football, then why not join us – all are welcome!